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Fifty Percent Print provides online printing services to cater all your printing requirements and high-quality printed products. In the era of digital works and online business, the need for outstanding appearance are inevitable therefore, we are always prepared for the next advanced printing services in printing Malaysia.

Digital printing goes beyond the technology and refinement, it's about the quality it possessed as well. Today, it's easy to print anything and customized everything but when it comes to quality printing, Fifty Percent Print provides only the best. We take pride in providing all the printing services you need and we are proud to say that we are among the certified company for printing services in Malaysia. From personal products to custom printing to personalized corporate gifts printing up until marketing requirement tools, we are the experts you need for printing Malaysia!

Your Personal Style is Our Business                                               

Bring your label to the next step of your business with outstanding advertising and marketing equipment. Establish your brand, label, logo, motto, visions and missions with various display and digital printing equipments. Outstanding advertising and marketing equipment does not have to be pricey and costly. With proper design method and our professional printing services, your business tool will pay itself back in the future.

Make a reputable first impression to your existing and potential customers when you display your brand identity with efficient finishing and personalized features of your choice. Be it a simple brochure printing Malaysia or advertising with pop up printing Malaysia, you have made the right choice with Fifty Percent Print. Our online printing service also allowed you to upload sample and ready-to-use images for product designing and digital printing that will helps achieving your business objectives. Save time with various selection of choices, ready to print, only clicks away!

Sell Your Art Digital Printing Online

Your creative design can become so much more! Utilize your creativity and embed Your Design to Your Products. Take your design to the next level and produce various products with your design perfectly print on it. Business had never been easier with our online printing service where you can easily select your desired product, upload your design and print them right away. Stands out among other various products out there, with your own unique digital printing combined with rare and personal design.

We Print:

Brochure, Booklet, Flyer, Business Card, Button Badge, Fridge Magnet, Bunting, Beach Flag, Pop Up System, Certificate, Letter Head, Post Card, Sticker Label, Event Ticket, and Boxes!


Why Choose Us?

Fifty Percent Print represents the ultimate platform for printing services for customers to obtain personal, promotional, commercial and informational digital printing products at the lowest prices! “50 %” symbolizes our humble and reasonable printing services yet promising high-quality outcome. We assure affordability, flexibility and profitability like no other printing services company in Malaysia! Our online printing services made it possible to reach out customers and to fulfill each demand efficiently. Your request is our quest & we take every printing job very, very seriously.


We offer...


• Large range of popular and functional products for printing services. Perfect for gift printing, corporate events, big party and all kinds of personal celebrations.


• Thousands of pre-loaded templates and customizable products made available for you to personalized and customized your own design. A touch of creativity can go a long way.


• Superior quality paper and card stocks. We provide quality end product, satisfaction guaranteed!


• The best version of your designated outcome using modern offset printing technology.


• Professionals and skillful team handling your order. Our expertise and experience in the industry of printing Malaysia insured the printing quality of your products.


• Cost-effective and profitable services. Stay in budget with Fifty Percent Print as we cater your digital printing request according to your terms. Suitable for all small and medium sized businesses.


• Minimum order and bulk order! Pay less to enjoy more discounts when you order in bulk. Fret not, we maintain high-quality printing services to ensure each individual item is in great care.



• Our Reliable Online Printing Services enables Easy and fast services! You don't have to go far. Get online & get your order delivered quickly at your doorstep.


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